Ucar Lab


We have the greatest team of scientest coming both from computational and biological backgrounds working on various challenging problems that require high level knowledge of biology, computer science and bioinformatics.

Duygu Ucar, PhD Duygu Ucar, PhD Associate Professor
Mark Sokolowski Mark Sokolowski Postdoctoral Associate
Sathyabaarathi Ravichandran, PhD Sathyabaarathi Ravichandran, PhD Postdoctoral Associate
Eishani Sokolowski Eishani Sokolowski Predoctoral Associate
Titas Grabauskas Titas Grabauskas Predoctoral Associate
Asa Thibodeau, PhD Asa Thibodeau, PhD Associate Computational Scientist
Djamel Nehar-Belaid, Ph.D. Djamel Nehar-Belaid, Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist
Giray Eryılmaz, MSc Giray Eryılmaz, MSc Research Data Analyst
Jessica Ricci Jessica Ricci Research Administrative Assistant
Kshitija Kshitija Kshitija Kshitija Research Assistant
Radu Marches Radu Marches Research Scientist
Siddhartha Sharma Siddhartha Sharma Research Data Analyst

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Bioinformatics Analyst II

Bioinformatics Analysts work under the supervision of the PI, research scientist, or department head, to analyze complex bioinformatics research. Typical projects include, but are not limited to: all classes of High Throughput Sequence (HTS) data analysis (DNA Seq, mRNA Seq, ChIP Seq, micro RNA Seq etc); experimental design; data integration; algorithm development; statistical analysis of data; development of workflows and implementing new analytical methods; evaluation/testing of software/database systems, analytical tools and technology; user interface, data, and functional requirements for software/database systems involving significant biological content; and delivering training to the research community. Characteristic distinctions from level I to level III include increased ability to work independently, increased breath of bioinformatics knowledge and tools, and increased understanding of the biological research domains. Level III analysts may pursue limited co-pi collaborations with research faculty. Senior/Lead supervises other bioinformatics employees and leads and manages bioinformatics projects, and may serve as co-pi to research faculty.

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Our work is mostly funded by National Institute of Health (NIH) Grants.